Sunday, June 28, 2009

Indian Death Face

Last summer Mitch grew fond of my acoustic guitar which rarely got played so we made a deal for a piece of artwork based on my shovelhead in exchange for the guitar. My shovel always went by the name Indian Death Face and I had no idea in what to expect, but he killed it with the drawing.

A man without a service to barter with would have failed not too long ago. I barter for rent, art, bike parts, just about everything. I can't wait til shit hits the fan and the man with skill in his hands prevails again.

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Kid Kurpius said...

Why did you have to let it die? Indian Death Face was one of my favorites...... and I really enjoyed riding next to it. I always think back to the night we rhode up to Lacrosse into the setting sun..... then hit that cloud of mosquitoes after the sun went down and had to stop to clean our glasses and shake our beards out. One of the best rides ever..............