Monday, June 15, 2009

Tennessee Todd Weldon

So I am hang'n with the Death Trap boys up in Wrightwood California during the Chop Meet and I'm looking for Todd so I can shoot his bike. They inform me that I'll have to ride up the mountain and drag his ass out of his sleeping bag. I have always loved Todd's bike but have to say it is the biggest Death Trap I have ever shot. As we were heading out he lost his left side foot peg... I stopped... he said... fuck it.... let's ride! Normally that's not such a big deal but his runs and open chain primary!

A few guys and a lady at the bottom of the hill caught wind of the photoshoot and decided to dust us out.

Holly threw some dust and bit some shortly after..... it was sweet!

And believe when I tell you he rides the dirt out of it! Shot in Mexico!

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cro said...

Rad photos man!