Friday, June 5, 2009

Rouser Works

Rob is one of the most animated guys you will ever meet. He lives life to the fullest and never looks back. Sometimes I wish I could have his attitude about life more often. I met him in Austin Texas about three years ago and he was so stoked that I appreciated his bike.

photo by Keith Mulligan

Rob made it through the Mexican mainland, across the Gulf of California, down through Baja, back up and just as he crossed back into the States he got run down by a car. I remember him saying something the night before like "shit.... I've made it this far without breaking down, crashing or getting killed" I told him he shouldn't be saying that shit to soon. He let my ride this bike through Ensenada the night before he got ran over on it. We rolled up on the accident just after he was taken away by the ambulance. He was out and about the next day assessing the damage to his bike.

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