Thursday, April 15, 2010

Weird Wonderful and Right On

The oh so strange and oh so slender NASH sent me a care package stewed from his mind that he probably found lodged underneath his mattress. The sweater still has your smell, I sleep with it. Thanks pal, can't wait to trip balls with you in the desert. We're gonna need some empty coconut shells and the jaw of a bat!

And my favorite California tour guide and gentleman extraordinaire Cro sent a batch of tees a minute ago, didn't forget about you bud. Thanks too much man, can't wait to hit Malibu with you and talk the talk.

On that note, Kemosabe swag is in motion and it's a game changer so start debating in your head, Zebra hide, snake skin or antler wrapped. So to all that have sent Bravetown gifts and to all our many gracious friends please keep your light on so the Chief and his pony can greet your pale faces. I'll keep you updated, I have most of the return addresses saved from the Bravetown gifts but if you were so kind please email me your address so that I know I'm not forgetting anybody.

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