Friday, April 23, 2010

Bobby the Leg

Last friday I flew into the city to fetch some cash.... said hi to some friends and shot back home. My friend Bobby Middleton lives some where in the no mans land between the Corn fields and the City. I used to live right around the corner from him and he always made sure to grill an extra burger for me. Since I moved back out to the styx I have found it hard to make it to his place as much as I would like. Bobby says that all that corn scares him so he doesn't make it out to my place very often either. On my way to the city I figured I'd stop in and see the Panshovel he had just finished for his friend Josh. I pull into his drive and see a few missed calls from him. So I call..... he says he is out at my place breaking in the Panshovel he built for Josh..... I said I'm Josh and I'm standing in your driveway breaking in my Panshovel. Seems to be how my life works.... in weird coincidences.

So I stopped in on my way back through to check out his new build. Bobby is known more for his Kustom cars but the truth is he was born a biker. He had a shop in his early days until some kids blasted him while he was riding his bike. He almost lost his leg and his life. Before he could even walk he was chopping a Chevy Fleetline. His leg will never be right again but this little build for his friend has him wanting to get back on two wheels. Sweet little panshovel done with owners requests in mind.

Rich for a couple of hours

evil lil' sum bitch


WisconsinWillard said...

That bike is pretty damn right on.

IHG said...

Purrrrrrdy wicked!

burrito said...

why have custom choppers if you didnt build it?!

Taco said...

Hey burrito, will you build me custom choppers? I have a stock 1982 Kawasaki spectre with a shaft drive. I want it look like horse magazine custom choppers. Do you like custom stuff?