Thursday, April 22, 2010

Game Paused

It was a beautiful Saturday..... brisk fresh sun filled air. I stopped by my friend Mike's to shoot the shit. He seemed to be inspecting all aspects of my bike. He failed to point out that the nut holding my front pulley on was lose. I ripped out of his place and planned on tearing up some backroads before heading to the shed party. Me being Mr. Billy Badass was passing a line of cars when suddenly I have no power but lots of RPMs. I look down to see that my belt is gone and the nut and pulley are suspended in mid air before hitting the ground and darting of into never neverland. Just as I was throwing down my kick stand my Uncle Bullet comes rolling up behind me with his truck and trailer. On any given weekend Bullet would be drag racing but it just so happened that on this weekend he was just picking up a couch for the wife and he had room to spare. It was my lucky day..... well kind of....... Never found the pulley but Mike hooked me up with one that should work.


mp said...

ha ha, gutted.
lucky ending tho ha

binky666 said...

very lucky! that shit happens