Thursday, April 22, 2010

A gallery and a beach house

My good friend Harlan is putting together a super neat gallery show in Michigan City, IN of tattoo drawings from the likes of himself Harlan Thompson, Tim Beidron, Jason Vaughn and Mario Desa. We took off early to Michigan City and spent most of the day filling the walls with hundreds of pencil drawings from all four artists. After our thumbs couldn't take any more tacking we headed over to the beach house he rented for the week where we found treats left by his better half consisting of jugs of wine, a vaporizer and adult cookies. We grabbed some wine and headed down the street to our buddies folks place for some dinner and great conversation. They are retired sculptors and painters who live on the beach with an amazing studio built into the dunes. We killed the wine and headed back for vaporization and dessert.

We woke up to coffee in the sand with the fresh water waves and tall grass harmonizing together. After breakfast we headed over to Lyons Farms which is a sustainable community to check out some radically designed homes and a different style of life, definitely interesting. Harlan dropped me off at the South Shore Line and I settled in for the ride back to the city. I hit the Chuck Ragan channel on the music machine and studied broken america, also known as Gary Indiana and South Chicago, through the plexiglass of my train car. A view that makes you think of early Springsteen lyrics and a time that once was.

Anybody interested in the show can check out the info for the Lubeznik Center here. The opening is this Saturday night at 7pm and it is definitely overwhelming to see all of these drawings and how much work tattoo artists really do on a daily basis.


grant said...

Great idea!
I rode through Michigan City last year from Indiana, it was a beaut of a ride for sure. Stopped at the lake where the World's fair houses are. Then caught repratory thing that night and i litteraly thought i was gonna die from suffocation!

Matt Wes said...

harlan is a good dude... got a tattoo from him awhile back. said...

the walls of stencils look amazing..
i'm totally gonna try to recreate this weekend for myself.. raad all the way around..