Friday, April 2, 2010

Locust Sissy Bar

The bike was skinny up front so I had to keep her skinny in the rear. I wanted something tall because not only do I need to pack tools, clean underwear and shelter.... I also have to pack my camera gear and lighting equipment. A tall sissy bar comes in really handy for this.

I started by grinding two pieces of round rod to a point. I then got out the torch and some needle nose pliers and bent the rod to my liking.

I mapped out the sissy bar on a piece of sheet metal and welded it together.

Making everything is lining up..... except for the rib on the fender which I welded in crooked.

Getting fancy with the grinder

The bottom mount. I ended up welding over the hole for a smooth finish.



looks great man!
i really dig all the pics of the bike you been putting up lately..

real motivators!

Michael said...

Alchemy. Digging the embellishment. Your style is heading down the road of pistol engraving. Way to get after it.

special'79 said...

Beautiful handwork. All the detail really work in unison.

Harry Monstar said...