Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wicked Wheels Weekend

Indoor shows are just not my thing but it's cold and there's nothing better to do around here so we packed up the bikes and headed for Sandwich IL. There's not much going on in Sandwich but Panhead Phil and company can make big things happen in such a small place. Everyone there was really cool and we all had a good time hanging out. This show also gave me a reason to get in the shop and clean up the Baker's Shaker. We scored the correct handlebars from Ron Finches stash pile... now we just need to change the rear wheel to a Sixteen, the front to a nineteen and have Rich stitch up a seat for us.

It was great to spend some time with Irish Rich as well. Rich giving lessons to the kids.

Irish Rich was given the Key To Sandwich. It's funny they would trust a guy with a beard and the golden key.

More Shaker

Fat Bob's Truck

It was colder than a Witches titty out there. We loaded up into Bacon's suburban for a long scary ride back to my place. The kid can ride the shit out of a motorcycle but ain't worth a shit when you add two more wheels.


Nick said...

Sandwich is an awesome name for a town. So is Hot Dog.

Rudder & Chris B. said...

baker's shaker. WOW what a needle in the haystack find that was... piece is a roll'n time capsule