Monday, January 25, 2010

Scarfing Material

Who the fuck has money for restaurants all the time? This meal rules.

Chicago-Louisiana Style New England Clam Chowder n Beer.

Oh and I eat this while reading a little letter from Uncle Sam- him talkin shit, trying to remind me that they still own me after 20 years of service. The last bite I took was the best, because I washed it down with a big swig of go fuck yerself!!

In case you haven't heard- - I'm free.


lee bender said...

scarfing material? throwback to old thrasher days? t-ed and chef boy i am hungry? congrats, freedom from freedom..

Tony d. said...

good call on the Tony chacheres! that stuff is great!

The FIsh said...

+1 on the tony. i put that stuff on everything!