Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Quote of the year

All this talk of warmer days got me thinking about the mile so I swiped this pic from Tony over at the Donuthole. I was talking to Tony Bag o Donuts today about getting me some stroker flywheels and the searcher build in general, I mentioned that the period correct bible is gonna get thrown at me and he said the best thing I've heard in a while.

"Fuck em, those boys won't be period correct until they start riding like Dick Allen"

I hope that nobody takes offense, it wasn't directed at anyone, it was just a broad statement but it ruled in so many ways. Tony is one of the few people that I can't log enough miles with, he holds the road dear to his heart in a way that so many fake it and I love him for that. Donuts we'll see you soon, Keep on truckin' pal.


cro said...

Amen!!! Most trends are fucking gay, even "period correct" if it IS a trend. This world is so small sometimes people can't see beyond it. I'll be glad to see the trend of people riding their scoots hard and stop all this gay fronting shit. It IS a great quote, period correct would be dudes riding hard and bonding with brothers on the road.

I build to ride.


Motorradfahrer said...

Ha! Perfect! Well said by Tony and Cro: Stop worrying so much about other people and their bikes. Ride'em!

Bad Monkey Motorworks said...

Well said.

Now maybe guys will stop paying $500 for a ragged out, crumbling seat just because it's got a fucking Bates sticker on it.

Masterlink Lee said...

Hold up, period correct isn't "IN" anymore? Fuck, and I just scored a gallon of 1972 gas on ebay for, like, fifteen hundred smacks. Shit! Now what am I gonna do with my knuckle-pan-shovel-sporty bobber with triple aris lights. I paid a lot for all those rare parts, man.

Oh yeah, I didn't know Dick Clark rode a motorcycle? Wow! American Bandstand, Rockin New Years Eve and Choppers?

One word: ruler.

A.Hellrider said...

I felt comment jump to mind reading that statement but the four ahead of me have already said it. Rule books are for whinners that watch too much TV. You need no justification for how you put your motorcycle together use the parts you have to get it on the road. "period correct" is just the latest buzz-word for all the "gotta be cool" folks that believe everything they see on TV. Fuck all that! Build it, ride it and to hell with all the rules.

Kevin "TEACH" Baas said...

agreed..Periods are for tampons..the only thing I see as necessity is using oem parts on my knuck because teh v-twin repop shit sucks ass..I rode my knuck from MN to TN and back log on almost 3 thousand miles and the only stuff that failed was the small parts I had new on the bike from taiwan tedds