Wednesday, January 27, 2010

An "Apple" for the Teach

I promised Teach that I would draw him this a long time ago.

Man, I didn't even have an art class in my high school when I was a kid. You had just a few choices at Marksville High School back in the 80's You could play football, join FFA, or Band. I didn't play football because it cut into my summer swimming hole time. I didn't join FFA because, well don't even really need a reason for that one. Band was completely out of the question because the only band I was interested in was blasting out of my truck cassette player. Basically - being at or around school sucked ass and I avoided it like the plague.
If one of my teachers would have been a raging gear head or a lunatic artist- and held a class teaching us students something that they had a passion for, maybe things would have been different.
Thanks, Teach for makin' school cool for some seriously fortunate and gifted students.


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Kevin "TEACH" Baas said...

Thanks man I will hang it with pride

ledsled68 said...

hiya i had a sketch of yours as a screen saver but ive lost it!!it woz of a guy on a chopper/bobber long hair beared and had sculls around it!!have u got one?thx jp