Sunday, January 24, 2010

For the LOVE of Choppers

Sometimes we as humans fall into obsession or should I say addiction. Maybe it is the cold winter we are forced to endure... being locked up only to dream of fresh air and warm sunshine. It seems there is a Chopper Flue going on around here. None of us really have the money to make the next step up on the motorcycle ladder but some how we make it happen by any means necessary. In the case of Cody Davidson we find that he has recently purchased a fresh Panhead motor from our friend Tattoo Ed. Cody is 21 and when I met him a few years ago his was cruising around in a 55 olds and riding a rigid Shovelhead. Last summer he was hit by some old lady while he was riding his shovel. Cody collected a good chunk of insurance change and bought himself I nice truck. Recently the sickness took over him. He felt he needed a panhead so the 55 and the truck disappeared while the 300 dollar hoopty and Panhead took there place. The things a man will do in the name of Chopper freedom........

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