Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fat Bob

Bacon was in need of some parts for a Knuckhead he is building. Negotiable Tim told him about a guy in Rockford IL. named Fat Bob that would have just what he needed. So we met up at Fat Bob's shop... as we walked in the door it was like we just stepped back in time about 40 years. It was a gritty shop that reeked of grease and oil... the way a real shop should smell. We had only planned on staying for about 20 minutes but Fat Bob's brother in law said he just hired a girl to come in and rub her tits on all of the bikes in the shop. He said you better have your camera cause I paid her 50 bucks to do a photoshoot. I was like damn these guys didn't waist anytime putting me to work. Of course this meant we had to stick around for the rest of the day waiting for her to show up ..... but it was ok because Fat Bob has 10 of everything you've ever dreamed of. He keeps all of his parts off location and warmed up to us enough to show us his secret barn of parts. It was a crazy thing to see.... I'm still dreaming about this glowing barn on the hill that is just packed to the rafters with some pretty amazing stuff. Anyway... the girl showed and I just went with the flow..... gritty............ an unreal day.

Fat Bob

Bird holding a picture from the club days

Bird with one of his "Long Springers" Bird is an amazing guy that has been building motorcycles his entire life.... still is... everyday.

A 45 flathead/big twin tranny frame that Bird built

Bacon digging..... I've learned a lot just watching Bacon dig through parts piles.

Fat Bob loves his seats!

Fat Bob's website


Mitch said...

Josh, I love when you go with the flow.

CycleBoy said...

FUCK! You just don't see that around here...

Doug Rock said...
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grant said...

boobies an bike parts! She licks that torque wrench with conviction!

Anonymous said...

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