Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bug splatter infection

The grass hoppers were out of control in Sturgis last year. Rich Phillips shot this on our ride out to Hoover. I remember it was the last day we were going to be in Sturgis. My knee was really infected because I crashed my bike like ten times in the week I was out there. I fucked up my knee the first night when I spun my bike like a pin wheel across the Broken Spoke parking lot while drinking lots of whiskey and racing it against the guys on dirt bikes. By the time the last day rolled around my knee was leaking a funny yellow green slime. My pant leg was tore open and on the ride out to Hoover I remember the grasshoppers exploding in my already infected wound more times than I could count but I must say it felt better than the hail

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Charlie Potatoes said...

I remember that day. I still have a little spot of bug guts I refuse to remove from my boot!