Sunday, January 24, 2010

Eugeno Marino

Eugene is stepping up in the ranks. When we met youngblood he was riding a Honda Chopper. It was his first and it taught him a few things about chop'n sickles. Last year he stepped into an american made with his garage built Ironhead. The bike fit him and his personality like a glove and we are sad to see it go. I may have gave him a lot of shit for selling it but I'm glad to see that he is once again stepping up yet another rung on the ladder. Bacon is building his 80 inch shovel motor up in Wisconsin right now while Eugene gets his straight-leg frame ready for the Cone Shovel implant. I can't want to ride next to this one.

She will be missed.


Eef said...

i loooooooove these riding pictures. now i want a bike too :)


Charlie Potatoes said...

That bike will be missed. Eugene, did you keep it somewhat in the family or sell it to an unknown?