Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cook's Corner........

.......... is one of those typical "biker" stops.... but hey.... it gives us a reason to get a good grip of guys together to ride some decent roads and grab a breakfast burrito. T-bone woke Wil and I up as if it were christmas morning. I rubbed the crust out of my eyes and we met up with Mike D, The Nash, Jason and Jedwards before hitting the hills. It's a pleasant ride with gentle curves and a pot of golden eggs and Bloody Marries at the end of it. Josh met us there.... minus Sean because he partied to hard the night before.

John Edwards on what everyone calls the "Perfect Pan"..... I concur.

Jason taking in the autumn colors

Mike D on his sweet Panhead

Josh ripping up the Knuck.

The Nash acting like he is having an important conversation with a real human being.

T-Bone found a set of his custom bars on a bike at Cook's Corner.

The Nash got nervous, popped to many pills and his swelled up......

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