Friday, January 20, 2012

Times In Milwaukee, Wisconsin

August, 8th 2011
The skies were clear when I left Rockford... but as my typical luck would have it the clouds soon rolled in and emptied their tears upon me. Eventually I made it to Milwaukee were I was to shoot Warren's Panhead. As I arrived the rain ceased leaving behind the most amazing sky. There are few cities I truly love but Milwaukee is one of them. It's lawless on a motorcycle and has the feel of small town America. Beefy Jerky, Fried Cheese Curds, lots of Beer and Harley Davidsons

Sept, 7th-8th 2011
I met up with Shawn in Davenport, Iowa... we rode to Chicago then to Rockford then up to Milwaukee to visit Warren. It doesn't matter how many times you bring your spoons and an extra inner tube.... your tire will always be fine until that one time you decide that you wont need them. Warren came to the rescue. The next day we decided to show Shawn around the town. It just so happened that the Packers were playing and on the occasion were beating the snot out of there opponent. A free shot for each touchdown turned into an interesting night. Some of us held our bikes up better than others.... just say'n
Alex thought it would be a good idea to bring scarface home from the bar.


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GSB said...

Josh, I know this is totally random, but I've been following y'all's blog for a while now and have been trying to move from years of film point'n'shoots into the realm of DSLRs. I've bought a Nikon D7000 and am trying to learn the workings of it, but have to say that your work is damn near exactly the caliber I'm hoping to aspire to. In angles, light or lack there of (this is the biggie), setting, everything. I was hoping to maybe start a dialog with you about what you use and get some advice. Hope that's cool, if you're too busy I totally understand.

I'm going to copy/paste this into an email to you too, so don't think I'm being all freaky-stalkerish haha.

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awesome and damn, the crespucular rays in the second photo are a gift from above. Nice shot.

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