Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Times in Dayton Ohio

Sept. 23, 2011
On my way back home from the Brooklyn Invitational I stopped in at the Led Sled Customs compound. It was just my luck that the boys were out back shoot'n shotguns.
While we dicked around out back... Pat stayed busy on a set on exhaust pipes

Nov. 01, 2011
Brandi and I went for a ride in the surrounding rural area's of Dayton. She wondered how I knew where I was going... I didn't really but the Sun and the Airplanes kept my headed in the right direction.
I always have to stop in and see what Pat is up to when I'm in Dayton
Pat hooked me up with one of his kickstands because he was tried of watching me park my bike on its kicker. It's pretty weird to stand by and watch some one else work on your bike...
They were out back shooting again so I fired off a few rounds
Nov. 30, 2011
El Paso, IL.
On the way down to Dayton I blew out a Tranny line at 90 mph drafting an Escalade and burnt up my transmission. We had plenty of hours to catch up while we waited for my dad to show up with a trailer.
Dec. 3, 2011
Dayton Cycle Fest
Pat called saying that there was a lot going on in Dayton and I should get down there if at all possible. It all started with go cart racing in Cincinnati. It was Pat's birthday so he loaded 30 friends into his tour bus and hit the track. It was the most fun I've ever had in a go-cart. Full face helmets and neck braces required wound tell you that these things really moved. We checked out the Dayton Cycle fest the day after.
Apple Moonshine
Before leaving Dayton Rex hooked me up with a sweet haircut.
The happiest three legged pup I have ever met.
Thanks Rex


josey wales said...

you cant beat an afternoon shooting after a morning riding, that only leaves an evening f***ing!!!

Sidecar Roy said...

Don't take this the wrong way bro. Your Lady is a real beauty. Nice pic of her in the fur.

Real nice artwork you do too. I like that most recent post with the line sketch of the Female Angel of Death. BADASS.

Keep it up!