Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pomona-Chino Califorinia

Dec 16-19th

You never really know what you are getting yourself into when you spend a handful of days at Bronsonville. Definitely more partying than the average human body can withstand. Between Shawn, Rico and Josh things can get pretty interesting.

Shawn's Panhead... I went out to the desert and helped him pick it up a month before. Sweet Score.

Rico at High Bond Modified threw me the keys to his crazy Honda. Shawn, Rico, Brandi and myself went for a quick ride.
Freaky Rico

Rico is always prepared for a long walk on the beach.
Shawn on Josh's Pan

We went to a little show at the Chino Airport. We got there a little late... most of the bikes had already parted ways but the Airplanes were a sight to see.
Clayton's Panhead


Irish Rich said...

You heard it here first, Josh....

The "Year of The Fatbob", built just like Shawn's bike, is right around the next style corner. It's gonna make a big comeback with guys building bikes, especially the guys doing long distances. It's a long forgotten style.

Kid Kurpius said...

Oh yes.... it's already started