Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I found out pretty quickly that Bacon just does not believe in sleep. I thought a rooster would be the most of problems up there....... but no.. I awoke to a.... "whatta ya do'n!!!!" every morning. Most days start out with packaging and boxing motorcycle parts. This is followed by a forty five minute car ride to the post office. So we packed the 53 Pontiac full of boxes and headed out.

The gals at the post office know Dan well!

We fueled up and Bacon showed me around the area with stories starting like "this one time..... I had this 62 chev" or "I was on my 52 pan" or "I had this chick on the back of my 72 shovel" and of course he would explain in detail the bike or car before he actually got the the story he was going to tell.

Found this on the wall at Mike's shop. Mikes welds up all of Bacon's cases.

We headed back to the farm to get some work done. Bacon worked on Brian's Pan and I bead blasted my heads and cylinders.

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B Harlow said...

I wanna see pics of that purple pan behind the knuckle. Those look fantastic.