Sunday, May 31, 2009

Something in the air in Chicago

Somethings going on around here and it isn't cool at all. Last night Johnny Ratchet went down and did the intersection disco on the ironhead, spinning his bike like a fourth of July pinwheel. Stood it up still running and split with a fucked up knee and ankle. Fast forward 4 hours and Slippery Pete hits a pothole leaving a bar and supermans his head off the curb. After his police escort to the hospital he ended up with 37 buckles in his dome and a concussion. He's gonna be fine and bikes can be fixed, we're just glad he's still with us. He also has his own personal police officer in his room to screen his calls and keep him from smoking in the hospital until his ride to the man cage. We love you Petey.

Barely riding season and people are going down like flies. I'm all about the whole live fast and take chances lifestyle but remember that their are people that love you and would miss you. So please live fast and take chances but be smart about it and never stop riding.


TI said...

holy crap.
best wishes for speedy recovery and for as few days as possible in the pen.

B Harlow said...

going to pick him up tonight, you'll get the full story tomorrow.

Tony d. said...

oh man. here's to the both of them getting back on his feet and back on the road soon! looks like i'm going to have to run down there and see you fuckers soon!

Anonymous said...

damn. hope they all recover quick.