Wednesday, May 20, 2009


On Wednesday we took a drive into Ottawa to get some steel shelving units for Dan's new shop. It was a shitty day as were most while I was there.

Picking up the shelving units.

Found this 69er with sidecar in the dude's Garage.

We hit a little diner in the middle of nowhere and got some grub. Candice's favorite meal is Poutine. She eats it for breakfast, lunch and Dinner........ appetizer, main course and dessert! It's something the French came up with....... French Fries, gravy and massive chunks of cheese curds! It's actually pretty amazing.


B Harlow said...

man, that's a lot of poutine. hmmm. cuidado amigo, cuidado.

WorD said...

she looks like shes been eatin cheese and curds and fried foods. why is that? remember the one time at band camp and the was this flute of and the band too. it was all cheesy and something about throwing nickles. any way know when to say no. yknow oh and at my other job i'm a Saint Saint Nickles

B Harlow said...

that shit will take it's toll quick, real quick. You'll end up looking like a plate of the stuff.

Candice said...

I think it's an awesome pic of the poutine....
but such a terrible picture of me!!!
It looks like I really do eat poutine for breakfast lunch and dinner.
Where's all the super hot pictures of me dangit!!!!

Candice said...