Saturday, May 16, 2009


It was like Christmas when I returned home from this trip. My good friend Taber over at Nash hooked me up with a four speed tranny, two sticky throttles, a brass filler cap and bung and some other sweet NASH goodies. Thanks a Mill

Nash Motorcycle Co.

Zac up in St. Paul sent me some of his new hats and an old Street Chopper from 78. I've already got'm greased up!

Life is Fuct

For a while I thought I was the only one who hadn't seen the new Street Chopper. Everyone and their sister was calling me about it...... saying that in blows away anything that has been out in years. I'll agree with that. It is a great issue! I have the Country Mile featured in it as well as Brian Harlow's Trumpet, Dave Polgreen's VLed Pan, Aaron Troken's Limey, Wil Thomas' Panhead and Nash Mesman's Knuck! Another one of my favorites is Kustom Garage (France). A very high quality mag that always makes my pictures look the way I intended them to look. I have a feature and a few other random pictures within these pages.

These are the last three issues of a florida based mag called born to ride. If you are in Florida catch'm out!

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grant said...

Hey Josh, nice work indeed. we met in Wrightwood last year right before getting kicked out of all those bars. I work with Jeff Holt and did a bunch of the other stuff in the same issue of Street Chopper, good times.