Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bungs..... Hot off the lathe!

Couldn't wait any longer to get bungs from Paul..... so I made some up. Of course it's 2:30 a.m. and they will probably show up on my door step in 6 hours.

On a side note......... A ride on a motorcycle can really turn your day around. It's like a restart button. I looked all over hell yesterday for the right side front motor mount plate for my sickle and couldn't find that sum bitch anywhere. I took a ride, got back and found it within two minutes. Later that night I was ready to call it a day in the shop, took a ride and ended up working 5 more hours. Today I fucked up some threads in the bung for my filler cap while I was welding it in. sat there for hours with a dremel trying to fix'm. Finally I said "fuck a bunch of this" and took a ride. Ran into Rick from Sycamore Welding and fab at the gas station. He said come down to the shop.... I think I have a 1 inch fine thread tap. Sure enough..... two minutes later the threads were fixed!

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