Friday, May 22, 2009

slippery pete truest of the true

Slippery Pete is what he is and that's just the way it is. He will always put his friends and family first and do what ever it takes to make them happy. Just don't cross him. Petey hangs out solo at some of the strangest watering holes imaginable. Last weekend some dude started fucking with him at one of these outer limits spots and Petey warned him"keep fucking with me and I'm gonna bite your nose off". Sure enough, dude head butts Petey and petey proceeds to choke him out and take a piece of his nose, returned to his stool and had another morgans and coke after telling the doosh "I told you I was gonna bite your nose off". Only Petey. He may be small but he was an all state wrestler and has been an ironworker for 10 years, he aint no push over.