Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hoodlum's Party

On Saturday I rode about a hundred miles up to Burlington Wisconsin. My good friend Glen Fluegge throws a party at his place and each year more and more people show up. Glen is the nicest guy you'll ever meet. His home is your home even if it means you are tear'n up his yard or eat'n all his food.

Passed this old guy on the way up. Sorry for the blurry picture...... I was doing about 85 mph and just about crashed trying to gab my camera and take the picture in time. There was another guy on a sweet chopped Ironhead in front of him but I was to busy trying to regain control of my bike to get a shot of him as well.

I grabbed a burger and a dog.... soon after Warren and Aaron showed up on their bikes.

Glen is another one of those guys with more stuff than space....... all good stuff!

The Cheaters Represent'n!


Later in the day some good 'ol boys found a little mud hole and ripped'r open!

A guy in his new Jeep Liberty thought he give'r a run. He actually made it further than I thought he would..... but in the end he needed to be wenched out.

Always haul'n Brian's shit from country to country..... state to state. Good luck with this tire Brian.... it's hard as a rock!

Took misculanious roads home. Kept the sun at my right.

Watch out for these guys!

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