Thursday, September 1, 2011

Look Out!!

JJ and Uncle Jimmy got smacked last night and they are doin good. JJ is shaken up a bit and sore and UJ can be fixed.

This story is played over and over in this town, lately. I'm sick of it. Chicago cage drivers, especially the ones in the big cages, you know, like the ones you rent. They're doing their best to take us out. After he smacked him, the caged-up-douche thought it'd be cool to just drive off. I hope that prick has a good plan to hide.

Get back on, JJ.






Patrick said...

shitty. probably a prick on a cell phone while driving. i've had some close calls, but i know my time is coming..

OldStuffsFuckinMental said...

Oh man, I hate to hear that.
Seems like your American cagers are even worse than ours here in Germany.
Always ride like everyone else is unable and stupid. Way to survive.

Wish them all the best and quick recovery!

antihero1972 said...

man I agree I keep hearing more and more stories here in SLC of these types accidents. 2 in the last 2 days one resulted in death to the rider. fucking nuts

About This said...

That blows! Hope he heals quick.
Not sure of the damage-but I have a 39mm front end laying around in the western burbs - if its not too small? let me know

allcoamex said...

Sorry to hear that, praying for a speedy recovery. If you need anything shoot a line, I'm in northern Illinois. Francisco

Time To Fly said...

That out and out SUCKS! One can only hope that karma is a real bitch with that driver! Hope all are well soon.

XLonanXL said...

Let me guess--a van full of Asian tourists? It's called "object fixation", ya ding dongs.

Help said...

yup I got slammed last wed on my trump by a 60 yr old lady in a hurry and talking on her bike was titled for a month and a its a parts bike after 2 years of hard fucked