Tuesday, September 6, 2011


The night before I was to leave for Davenport I noticed a broken spoke while pushing my bike into the shop. The wheel came apart and went back on the bike with two new spokes, a working brake and a much needed new tire. Warren has a little addiction to motorcycle parts so we set out early on Wednesday. We took our time to the Mississippi traveling a lot of gravel roads and ruff backroads. At times I thought my front end was going to snap in two.

Davenport is one event that I look forward to every year. It's more than just a swap meet... it's where friends re-unit for 5 days of heavy partying and motorcycles. Words can't even describe the situations we found ourselves under the cover of night. Pretty ladies, whiskey, Lincoln Continentals, Karaoke with tears, Strip Clubs, Tour Busses, Budweiser, Power outages, Mary Jane, shirtless bar parties, Cop Cars, Banana bread, rainy days and 5 inch nipples. Don't ask it's all a blur..... a five day bender.

The rain clouds had moved on so it was our time to move on as well. The party train was headed to Chicago for BBQ and Beers.
Luke's Dad's place

Fried Coil
Shawn rode with us back to Chicago.

It's a pleasure to have a friend with fat bobs.

It's been a ruff year for all of us. Between the wrecks and worn out motors the bikes are slowly dropping out for an early winter hibernation this year.
Brad snapped a pinion shaft on the way out to davenport and Johnny fried a top end on the Bad Ass Rooster
Eugene's lower end took a shit on the way back from Tennessee.
Jerimiah had a box truck blow a red light in front of him.


buscemi said...

great pics! and stanleys 36 is lookin good!

Nick said...

4th picture down of Warren rules.

longk said...

zat a magnacycle about 1/2 way down??