Sunday, August 28, 2011

R2TB Day 4

The 70 foot stone wall shadowed our shelters from the fire of the early morning sun. A few more hours of relaxation was the result. The rocky trail proved to be more treacherous on the way out than the way in. Once out of its shadowy whom the suns heat was hard to ignore. A bro ride was in full effect. The afternoon swimming hole developed into a shanty town through until the next morning. There we reunited with the Shitheads from Florida and a few midnights riders that had to take care of some business before leaving Chicago. A violent storm chased them into camp. The howling of the wind, crashing of the waves and the rolling thunder made for good sleep on this night.


beer said...

Great, great photos!!!!! Beer Rogues MC Opmeer Holland.

Redtailleather said...

Man you guys roll hard as fuck..Wish i had some peeps around here like you guys.. Keep on keepin on man..