Thursday, August 25, 2011

R2TB Day 2

After a night of mischief and all night raccoon fights the sun finally shined upon our foreheads. The ranger wanted 15 bucks a tent on top of the site fee. We told him we'd keep our 15 bucks and sleep on the ground. Uneaten campfire fix'ns were feasted upon by the local wildlife the whole night through. A late night scuffle between two coons broke out just feet from myself and Mitch's head. Mitch yelled at them as if they were disobedient school children and told them to go fight some place else. We hit the road early this morning in search of a cool swimming hole. We harvested bones from its island... toked the plantlife and bombed the hill. After a good swim food was on the mind. I'll tell you that decent food and good service is hard to find in this part of the country. We got our fill of shit food and geriatric karaoke then hit the two laners once again. The setting sun chased us into Bloomington Indiana. Dave Herr kindly took us in once again and showed us around the town. The whiskey was flowing like the waterfall we left in Logansport. After a few bars, a weird Gentleman's Club and quick run through the local Taco Bell drive through every Copper and University Patrol Officer in the town was up our ass. Just when it looked as if at least four of us were going to jail we all walked away and slept off our intoxications.

Miah...... did you hear that? X 50

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