Monday, December 27, 2010

Handsome Charlie Ransom

Whether he knows it or not..... Charlie has taught me a lot about riding a motorcycle. I first met him at the Myrtle Beach Rally in 2007. I remember very vividly how he would maneuver his bike through a crowd of people in the Broken Spoke parking lot. He could whip that thing around in such a tight space..... most people thought he was about to run them over thinking that there was no possible way he would be able to make the turn. We were both camped out there for the week so I spent a lot of time watching him ride. It's all in the body language. I had never seen a motorcycle ridden with such fluidity. I took mental notes the entire week and when I got home it just all made perfect sense. Still to this day I love to watch him ride and I learn something new every time.

Thanks Charlie

Shot in Hoover SD. during the 2007 Blackhills Sturgis Rally


burrito said...

crucial dude.

Unknown said...

Thank you Josh.
Happy New Year to you and the boys there in Chicago.