Friday, October 29, 2010


..... are never fun but this ain't no Mickey Mouse bullshit. Max, Chris and Ken had already completed 3500 miles on two Slab Sides and a BSA. The show was done and the road was calling their names once again. I made it over to Ray's shop in time to bid them all farewell.

Max and Ray


Ray, Wes and Chris

Chopper Dave

Chris' beautifully fermented shovel

BSA ready for another 35



max schaaf said...

thanks for posting josh.
i think "fermented"
might have to become
the new "patina".

how fuckin cool was ray?

Kid Kurpius said...

You can't fake Fermentation...... Riding leaves behind unique scars and can only be achieved by doing just that. Miles create memories and each scar has a story to tell.

Ray is a really rad dude.... His work is amazing. I wish I had spent more time with him.