Sunday, August 1, 2010

If it ain't one thing....'s another. Do you ever dream about the history of your motorcycle? I often times do.... and I don't see good things in my panshovel's past.... maybe they were extraordinary at times but committed many crimes. The bike is such a hodge podge of different parts that have all seen their fare sure of abuse over the years. From all evidence this bike came off the show room floor and was quickly converted into a chopper. Were these parts a gathering of stolen pieces... Did it live a humble life or did it live the club life...... who rode this machine..... was he a decent man.... did he hate... did he love, kill or hug.... maybe all of the above.

I left the rural at a decent time but traffic was fuct. Probably because of the Bon Jovi concert but whatever, I split lanes for about Fifty miles. All was good until I exited the interstate. I was approaching the intersection of Fullerton and Western and entered the left turn lane. The arrow was green and all of a sudden a car made a quick turn into the gas station rather than at the intersection. There was nothing I could have done at this point. I hit the driver’s side of a Lexus and found my leg pinned between my bike and the car. What the driver didn't know was that my bike was now attached to his car. He hit the gas pedal dragging me across the street and into the gas station. He finally stopped but a couldn't free my leg. Finally I was able to dislodge the bike from the car and pull my leg out. Luckily for me my leg was jammed into the perfect spot. The ball of my foot was wedged behind the rear cylinder bending my top end oil feed line and my shin was right behind the air cleaner. The kicker pedal is what saved my leg. It was bent but was able to protect my leg from the car. I supposed I could have easily lost my leg but I rode away with a bent front end and a hurt big toe.

I still don't consider this bike mine. It was built by another... I have just changed its appearance. Sometimes I look at it and completely hate it... other times I love it. It's a love hate relationship. Out of all our hardships we protect each other but aren't afraid let the other feel a little pain.

The Handlebars are straight but the front end..... not so much.

I had to ride my bike to the police station with a whacked front end and no brakes then from there to Bravetown where Brian had a stock length 33mm front end that was given to him by Dave Polgreen. My trees seemed to be fine so I slid my tubes out then slid his in.


I've always said that my camera is my guardian angel. Until now I haven't crashed with my camera in tow. My camera was hanging on the side of my body that hit the car. My lens hood took the impact and saved my camera.

She sits lower now but at least I could ride her home.


nic said...

DAg. Glad you're okay, and the bike looks pretty damn nice with that stance.

IHG said...

Wow Josh...glad you are alright.

Anonymous said...

To many stories about this kind of shit this year! Glad you are cool.

Watch the blind sides and left turn fuck wads.

bobx said...

glad you came out of it ok and that everything is good.

Lonnie C. said...

Riding sometimes make you wonder if you have a target on your back. Glad you are well.

Stone said...

Fuck this shit.
2 weeks ago I was jammin' my FXR over to the shop.
Runnin' in the right lane, some fucker in driving a cargo van in the left lane made a last minute decision to try to hit a perpendicular parking stall on the right. He swung 90 degrees across my lane with no warning.
Luckily, it was a 35 mph zone and I was rolling pretty mellow for whatever reason, so I locked it up, powerslid to the right, and ended up dropping most of my momentum before I hit him. I walked away with a hyper-extended elbow and a bloody hand, but my bike took some pretty good tweaking. Bent the wheel and axle, bent the tubes and one of the sliders, bent the trees, fucked my tank, broke my license mount off and a few other things. I haven't even pulled shit apart yet... been waiting for his insurance to pony up. I'm afraid my neck might be a little twisted, too.
I just got a call from his insurance --- somehow they're calling it MY fault because the van driver had a passenger who's backing his story, which makes it my word against both of theirs... so his insurance isn't giving me shit. Despite the fact that the damage to both vehicles paints an incredibly clear picture of what happened, they're going to ignore the laws of physics.
Fuck wrecking.

Beaner said...

That shit sucks, but it's awesome that you came away with what little it could have been.