Sunday, October 24, 2010

quick fix

Joe and Louie are putting together some video treats, here's some teaser footage of the boys from Oakland and some locals.

And thanks so much to everybody that came out for the show this weekend and huge thanks to all of the contributing artists. If you were there I got a feeling you had a good dose of what shits like here, so much fun. And to top it off my truck got stolen Friday night and Saturday night I had the pleasure of drinking on a floor because the bangers were shooting the windows out of the bar. so fun.

Jeff and Fatty thanks for holding it down at Bravetown and we'll see you guys soon.


Kevin Mack said...

good job guys.

dave herr said...

hell yeah joe!

max schaaf said...

feelin it. thanks
joe joe. max

MARK said...

Rad. Like to s'mores.

ess see said...

I watched the tapes with the cops from Sunday morning. They kept referring to you as "the bearded gentleman".