Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Never sell your old truck

The only way to stop the hurt, is to buy another one.


Heroin- respectthepanda.com said...

I had to get the one I sold back. The hurt wouldn't stop. 1960 Chev Apache.

grant said...

of the 15 years i have had my license i have only spent one without a truck, that was a rough year. It all started with a '50 Chevy 3100 i bought when i was 16...utah was great for $500 old farm trucks! got so bad i even worked for Classic Trucks Magazine for 5 years!

Duncan Moredock said...

Youch, trucks are for life, man! Especially if you use one for a living. But there is just a point where our old trucks can't roll with the powerful modern ones today. However, they should be given an honorable retirement!