Sunday, October 17, 2010

Family weekend

We took advantage of the weather and headed out to Josh's place to meet up with some of the Milwaukee boys for a blast in the country. After blowing leaves into empty fields and maple lined backroads we had a sangria soaked campfire followed by another day of the same. We hit the City skyline at dusk, put em away, started the trucks and headed for home.

8am shop breakfast

The Mile put a hurting on all the bikes this year and Ratchet covered himself and everybody behind him in 60 weight before turning around halfway to Josh's

Back at it

Lots of blue dreaming

Jr's piece of insanity

Fat Bob came by to say hey

Midwest Sunday


Anonymous said...

Looks like a bad ass time,but the neighbors of that neighberhood had to have been looking out the window thinking you guys are case'n the place!!!! Sweet pic's

Anonymous said...

nice digs, ah pass the peace pipe kemosabe

Wrecked Metals said...

Looks like fun.

JT said...

Puff puff pass.