Friday, October 15, 2010

Keino Sasaki

While in Brooklyn I was fortunate enough to get to spend a great deal of time with Keino. It's refreshing to be in the presence of a mind like his. I'm draw to people that walk their own line and feel no need to fit into any class, group, club and gang of people. What he creates is truly original and created with pride.

Keino made this for Larry as a birthday gift..... It became Legend

I went with him to check out a new shop space.

Working out the bugs on Wes' Shovel


KNO said...

thnks josh!!

hope to hang again real soon!!
bring whole chicago crew to brooklyn next year!!

MB Leathers said...

Keino and Paul, they always scare me to death in a positive way, so fuckin talented. They REALLY rule.

JT said...

Amazing! What is up with the barrels? (curious wine maker i am)

Cycleboyz said...

Great pics Josh, I can look at shop pics for hours...
MBL is dead on, truely inspiring work by both of them, and doing it for the right reasons too..

max schaaf said...

..such a rad dude.
i wish he lived here.
no ego.

great photos.