Thursday, October 14, 2010

Free Live'n

I met Ali in Sturgis a few years ago.... back when the County Line was lawless. She was traveling with the White Knights and we had a blast tearing up our bikes on some dirt paths. I hadn't seen Ali since but she never failed to give me a hard time about being a pansy because all of my prior attempts to make it to New York were foiled. I gave her a ring on my way in.... she gave me a place to crash on the coach which was great because it was really close to every thing that was going on. She gave me the keys and I was free to go where ever I pleased. I don't know what my Brooklyn experience would have been without her.

Ali and her man Dan. Tail gate pizza pic nic on the streets on Brooklyn.

A big thanks to both of you.


BonerDonor said...

BROOKLYN in the summer is a beautiful place made of bricks and cement

JT said...

Great pic!