Friday, October 8, 2010

Gentry Dayton

I witnessed a black shadow appear while attending the Brooklyn Invitational. There was so much going on in the mayhem of the show I never had a chance to introduce myself to this fellow in black. A day later I was hanging out at Keino's Shop and saw the same shadow resting in the corner. Turned out that Keino had built the 49 pan for a guy named Gentry and he was just breaking it in. I met up with Gentry on a fine afternoon then captured him and his black pan. I was out of my element. I typically shoot in open spaces but that kind of real estate is hard to come by in Brooklyn. Things were looking shitty because I found that buildings tend to block a setting sun.... I was using a new 80 dollar lens because the dust from sturgis destroyed my good one.. and I had no lighting. Finally the sun receded enough for the street lights to pop on.... This was my magical hour. Street lights and my truck lights were all I had. I was forced outside my box but it's my belief that good things became of it.


Stone said...

Makin' beauty out of bullshit.

(Gentry's a cool cat.)

KNO said...


Miriam said...'s different.

DicE Magazine said...

Gentry is very nice bloke, going riding with him in So Cal next week weirdly. Great pics Josh, good seeing you out NYC bruv.

Dan said...

I love that bike!