Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The East Side

After the Brooklyn Invitational I was looking for something to do. Jeff, fatty and Rob weren't about to let me call it an early night so they pulled me into a cab and we crossed the Bridge to the East Side. These guys are no shortage of a great time in any environment let alone on the East Side of New York at 4 am. We hit a number of bars and they fed me whiskey all morning. I can't remember most of the night but I know it was good. I do remember that we couldn't get a cab to stop for us and when one finally did things got sticky because the cab driver could only speak Chinese and didn't know his way around New York. Rob spoke to him in Spanish and the cabby acted like he understood. Thankfully I took some mental notes on the way into Brooklyn and was able to point him in the right direction. Not sure how the rest faired but they probably not remember anyway.

It's always a great time running into these guys. wish it happened more often.

Cumm Shot + Shitty "S"

This Dude picked him a winner

Found this written on my hand the next afternoon. Probably some good advice.


Cooper said...

def good advice...unless it landed you in the clink (which it did not). if you got laid then it was GREAT advice.

Rob said...

i love all three of yall idiots! what a great fucking time!

toke..... toke it out man

Jeff Wright said...

I kinda remember an old hot bartender, and laughing my ass off no cabs were stopping for the Mexican with a Swazi belt buckle. Good times. We will know each other for the rest of our lives...Let's do it again.