Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sunday Cruise'n

I finished my 1700 mile trip on the Locust and parked it for the night.  The next day I throw a leg over her and with the the very first pull of the clutch lever my clutch cable snaps!  Fellas...... my chopper karma must be in check!  Anyway on Sunday I was look'n to ride but there weren't any two seaters available..... so I told Haley to jump in the side car and lets go for a ride.  

Today I cleaned up The Locust and replaced the clutch cable.  We're headed to So Cal tomorrow and I know how they like their bikes clean over there...... I did my best.    

They sidecar is a 1979 on a 79 FHL my dad got for my little sis..... but she'd rather sit on the back. It may be headed for the chopping block soon!


lee bender said...

same clutch shit happened to my buddy hutch down here in indy a week and a half ago. not 1700 miles of riding, but the day after we got back from about 400 miles... same deal, sat on it, pulled the lever and it was dust!

Mitch said...

Since you and Brian both washed your bikes. I'll represent by keeping mine dirty. make sure you make those fuckers nervous and ride nice n close the way we like it.

Nick said...

I replaced to friction plates on my 68 XL on monday and the same shit happened!