Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Country Mile III

There are only a few runs/events that I really look forward every year and the Country Mile is number one on my list. No bullshit..... just a great group of friends ready for anything that steps in their path. No attitude just great spirits and great bikes. There's never a plan... the only plan is to make it around Lake Michigan..... what happens in between goes down in history. I was very pleased with the way my bike ran. I had very minor problems beside burning through 17 quarts of oil, adjusting points and losing an exhaust pipe rolling out of the gas station after my temporary mount broke. Everything was perfect.... the roads, the weather and the guys that were a part of it. By the end of my trip I put on about 1700 miles and used 26 quarts of oil. I can't wait to tear it apart this winter and make everything perfect.

The geese flew south as we pressed north




Dirt riding is my favorite

Mushroom laced blunts

Tony Bag O Donuts

Wolf Lake

Every 70 miles

Alex monkeying around

Killing time on some curvy back roads

Warren Bouncing

I'm sorry group "B" that you had to miss this....... but it was the most amazing part of the whole trip. The sign said dead end so we took it. Parked our front tires in the water and took in the beautiful sunset.

Joe and Mitch indulged in some fresh Lake Michigan water

We found this little nook down some dirt rode and set up camp

"Johnny (Yard Sale) Ratchet"

Mackinaw Bridge

Cody parting sea's

Rob and Brad paused on the beach


Watching over us


I hopped on the back of Freedom's bike for a second to see what it was all about.


A dream that came to real life

Mitch Crystals eating sunsets

Brad tightening up his bike before hit'n the last leg of the trip

Brian and Alex


t said...

beautiful photos!

lee bender said...

i dig the pics, keep em coming!

buscemi said...

the shadow on that third pic is awesome. great photos!


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