Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I've got a secret

I grew up in Michigan and have found that those that come from there embrace a very dear secret that they tend to hold onto for life. Michigan pride is almost like a secret society that only those that were raised there seem to cherish. One of our secrets is the Upper Peninnsula. There's been lot's of talk about this place here and elsewhere, luckily it requires work to get there and will most likely stay uninhabited for the most part and a secret destination as long as it thrives. Mad roads with no cops, Pasties which are crazy meat and potato filled dough goodness, carribean esque crystal clear water and forests that just won't quit. Myself and friends will raid this paradise soon and respect it out of sheer jealousy and wonder. Here's some pics of the fantasy land.


lee bender said...

im from michigan and this does not look anything like coldwater mi where i was born, good god damn. next summer ive got a new destination planned. thanks in advance.

B Harlow said...

Coldwater must have missed this chapter.

hooligan said...

where in the u.p. is this? its way prettier than ann arbor...fucking city.