Monday, September 21, 2009

Later Brad

Brad has been staying in Chicago for the last couple of weeks but it's time for him to carry on. He sold his home in Louisville and everything he owned to take on a life on the road for a bit. He's heading out to Denver in the morning. Be safe pal.
Brad's been having friends from all over the country sign his tank on his way through so naturally Mitch had to give him a Chicago memory.
Trying to win the old 6 saltines in less than a minute challenge while Eugene watches the clock.
After the Country Mile Brad decided he needed a little more comfort for the long hauls ahead and made some changes during his stay. Eugenes trying it on for size.
Love the K model drum brake.
Unfortunately Brad I think this is just the beginning of questionable weather in your future. Good luck friend, Be wise and we'll see you next summer.


signal9 said...

Sorry, Brad's coming in right at the end of indian summer. 90 degrees yesterday, 50 today. Let's hope the rain holds out.

mind pill said...

that gas tanks looks amazing...... is mitch sending some art out to the born free show this weekend. i`m gonna steal if so......

B Harlow said...

Indeed there will be some Mitch Crystals artwork at the show along with Kid Kurpius prints.

Hardluck235 said...

Thanks guys! Chicago was fucking great! Everybody was nice and extremely generous with their time and help. A special thanks to Joe and Eugene for talking me into making chicago my first stop and to mike for all the help at the shop. I will be back soon I hope. Until then you can follow my adventure at ... No pictures of food and no insightful rants. Just pictures of what I see along the way.

Thanks fellas