Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Me....The Locust.... and Five States

September has been a great month up until to this point. I planned on hitting Davenport this year as well as Dave Cook's Cook out, The Country Mile, The Brooklyn Invitational and then out to California for the Born Free show if at all possible. I received a call from Harley Davidson asking if I would do a shoot for their HOG magazine before the end of September. Not my typical shoot but I figured since I was going to be up in Milwaukee for the cook out I'd just camp out up there till the shoot was done then head down to Chicago for the Country Mile. So I loaded the bike for a two week trip. I packed as light as I could but still looked like a hillbilly going down the road. Not only do I have to pack shelter, sleeping bag, clothes and tools.... I also have to strap on all my photo and lighting gear. Thank god for tall sissy bars! Thought for sure that sum bitch was going to snap off before the end of the trip.

Davenport was amazing.... no bullshit involved.  Ryan stopped by the shop and picked up with my dad and myself.  We waited for Warren, Bacon and his woman to show up at a gas station off the Highway.  We blasted over to Iowa in good time.  Once there we met up with great friends from all over the world.  You could find anything you could ever want at Davenport as long as it wasn't newer than a Shovelhead.  Most of it was pricey but there were deals to be had.  I picked up an engraved cam cover for 40 bucks and a complete 33mm front end with aris headlight for 60 bucks.  Some people were just look'n to get rid of shit.

First stop on the way to Davenport...... Dan's fender was rubbing his tire.

Warren transporting Bacon's luggage

Ryan on his shovel

Warren pointing out an old Chopper Shop in Moline

Picked up this cam cover for 40 bucks. After doing the little bit of engraving I did on my bike I can appreciate the time that was put into it.

Mag set up for a 70's sportster

I watched as this kid came roll'n in on this killer Swingarm Panhead

Mongo and Nichole taking an afternoon stroll on an original Knucklehead

Dave Polgreen check'n out Brian's panhead

Indian Decay

Gift Box

Sporty chop

Flat track'n

British Billy

The water truck

Joe passed out

Dave fix'n his tail light

Whiskey, long chops and miss matched socks

Ryan really knows how to wheel and deal

Lovers and a full moon


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