Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wanna Party?

No matter the situation... you'll always be having a good time when Sean is around town. Unless of course we takes his shirt off.... then you know it's really getting serious. One of my favorites all the way around.... it's kind of weird... I always end up blowing chunks all over somebody's sidewalk when he is around.

We both found out first hand how rad the police are in Austin Texas. We hit the section in South Austin where 290 opens up to freeway. We both pinned our throttles back and before we knew it we had passed all of the traffic. It was just the two of us riding side by side well into the hundreds. I picked up a dark shadow creeping into my peripheral. I then realized it was a patrol car passing us then entering our lane right in front of us. Sean bailed quickly off the nearby exist. I couldn't swing it so I casually let off the throttle. I came to the realization that the cop was more impressed with our display than he was put off by it. He granted a thumbs up... not taking any chances I gabbed the next exist.

We actually met a few of them in a bar one night and found out a lot of them ride motorcycles. They have there own club called the Gun Slingers. They were not your typical Patrol Officer.

I love Austin


OldStuffsFuckinMental said...

Nice story.
You always meet those and those, some screw your day, some do the exact opposite.

Time To Fly said...

Good story, nice to hear there are some good ones out there.

Ailton© said...

LOL this is a good story & good to know the cops digs bikes 2 :")
Ride Free Brothers!!!