Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Ride There

It was written in stone before the bikes came apart last winter. The break-in ride for most of the guys at Bravetown would be in May and the Kentucky Derby would be the destination. We were headed right into the heart of Brad's hometown. There was no plan but to get down there..... party Friday night and all day and night Saturday before leaving Sunday morning. The weather was looking grim but we headed into the clouds anyway.

Brad lost a belt then snapped the end of his key off trying to kick the Tranny forward enough to get the belt on. It was surprising how quickly he was able to hot wire the bike and get down the road.
Hacksaw Ironhead shifter fix
Brad and Jerimiah
Jerimiah on Uncle Jimmy
Ratchet and Fauser
Brad Readen
Eugene found out first hand that TED V-Twin parts are shit.
Waiting in a peaceful place
Brad's chain jumped ship fucking up his Tranny 40 miles outside of Louisville. A big rig hauling a flat bed trailer with bar and shield mud flaps locked up the brakes to see if assistance was needed. The bike was loaded while the rest of the pack waited at the end of the next on ramp for the semi to come ripping by. We waited in the darkness for the sound of the air horn. Dave was not going to be late on getting his lady to work so it was high gear hammered down in the hammer lane. Turns out Brad and Dave knew a lot of the same people. The chain was pulled and we followed in the whom behind the rig at 85 miles an hour all the way to the river.
Followed the truck and trailer right into the Chicken Coop

Ivan hauled brad across the river
Party Time!


GoneWithTheSunset said...

That is so righteous! The photo of the bike strapped on behind the Case loader is perfect.

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