Thursday, May 12, 2011

Louisville... Derby Weekend

Louisville lets loose for Derby Weekend. Bars are open until 6 am and you can drink on the streets. We jumped in the back of Ivan's truck and got sloppy as soon as we arrived in Louisville. The next morning we headed over to Ivan's place which happened to be located three blocks from the track. We found ourselves in the mayhem of the infield just in time for the big event.

This is Kitty.... Ivan adopted him from Brad when he hit the road on his shovelhead.

Brad's bike was down so I hauled him around on the back of my bike. We got a little out of hand ripping across town but Brad was a good passenger.. he didn't pinch my side or cry when I popped wheelies
Kitty getting a little out of hand.
When Kitty gets out of hand Brad just shows him the testicles he once owned.
High Class


Before calling it a night a few of us hit the bar. As soon as we fired up the bikes it rained like I had never seen it rain before. Jerimiah's bike wasn't having the rain... steve was to drunk to keep his bike off its side and traffic was not moving. Splitting lanes and riding sidewalks gets pretty gnarly in a downpoor with zero visibility. It was every man for himself. Adilene is insane for riding along and loving every minute of it.


Jeff Wright said...

Oh shit.

Cyrus said...

Bella situazione!

dave herr said...

so bummed i missed it, next year i promise.

Cycleboyz said...

the dog balls pic is fuckin priceless!