Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Looks like I will be headed there again this year. I was asked by Jay Allen at the Broken Spoke to show my work at the County Line. My work will be shown along side David Uhl's paintings and Horst Roesler photographs. An Indain Larry Bike as well as some salt flat racers will also be on display at the show. That's all I know right now but should be a good time. We got loaded on free champaign last year then tore our bikes up on the dirt track. I think that was the night I crashed and filled my carb with a handful of dirt.

I'm not quite sure who shot this..... I stole it from the interweb but it's a pretty rad shot of me shooting Teach and Jay. Sturgis 2008


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mind pill said...

you are insane...missed you a born free. when you`re in town,always say hi. be peace.

caferacers66 said...

Loves me a little Custer riding camping out on the family land on the rez... Enjoy it you will, & love your work!